Legs and buttocks

Slender legs, less cellulite and tight buttocks with a pleasing contour are every woman’s dream. Silhouette liposuction combined with autologous fat transplantation allows the reduction of excess tissue, the transplantation of autologous fat tissue on the buttocks, thus optimising the shape of the buttocks, the so-called BBL (Brazilian buttocks lifting).


Buttocks modelling
Buttocks lifting – buttocks tightening
Buttocks enlargement with own tissue
Buttocks enlargement with own tissue combined with back tightening
Buttocks enlargement with own tissue combined with thigh lifting
Buttocks enlargement with implants
Buttocks implant change
Correction of buttocks implants
Buttocks reduction
Buttocks modelling
BBL – Brazilian buttocks lifting
Correction of buttocks asymmetry
Correction of buttocks fold – correction of “banana fold”
Correction of the infragluteal sulcus

Lower extremities
Thigh – knee – lower leg – foot
Thigh tightening with horizontal scar-sparing technique (on the thigh fold)
Thigh tightening vertical, from inguinal area to the knee
Thigh narrowing
Thigh thickening
Knee skin tightening – knee lifting
Calves – thickening (enlargement)
Calves – narrowing
Hallux valgus – hammer toe
Nail bed plasty – nail defect on big toe

Blood vessels
Varicose veins – surgery – varicosities surgery
Saphena magna – saphena parva

Lipoedema diagnosis – lipoedema suctioning – drainage therapy