Informational conference and consent for treatment

As a rule, three in-depth conferences are held before carrying out any treatment. The informational conference is recorded in writing.

Consent for treatment is granted by the patient in written form before treatment.
Adequate time to reflect is provided.

Complications and risks

Patient safety is the highest priority. Risks from complications are explained in depth.
Operations entail risks of complication. Surgical complications are well-known. Almost all of them can be prevented.

All patients are meticulously examined in advance in relation to evident or
hidden risks of complication. Also, all measures to avoid complications are strictly followed when carrying out the surgery.

Professor Felippe possesses solid knowledge and extensive experience in handling a complication in the event that unavoidable, unforeseen complications arise.

Discharge and follow-up examination

After treatment, all patients receive an OP-protocol, a prescription, and verbal and also written medical instructions on what they should do following the surgery.

Professor Felippe is available to all patients daily after the surgery on his mobile phone.

All follow-up examinations are carried out per appointment and only by Professor Felippe personally.