Genitals (female and male)

Congenital developmental disorders or a bodily change in the genital area due to pregnancy or taking hormones can be repaired by surgical correction, so that function and also aesthetics are optimised. Scars after giving birth can also be corrected. For slackening or depletion of tissue, lifting or volume buildup surgeries can be done with own tissue.


Genital operation – “intimate operation”
Various aesthetic-functional plastic surgical corrections
All degrees of complexity on female and male genital organ

Genital operation, female
Mons Venus – mons pubis – mons pubis fat suctioning
Mons Venus – mons pubis – mons pubis buildup
Mons Venus – mons pubis – mons pubis lifting – tightening – enhancement

Labiaplasty – labia majora – large vulvar lips vulvar lips reduction
Labiaplasty – labia majora – large vulvar lips vulvar lips volume buildup
Labiaplasty – labia minora – small vulvar lips vulvar lips reduction
Labiaplasty – labia minora – small vulvar lips – vulvar lips volume buildup
Clitoris reduction for clitoral hypertrophy – for hormonal or genetic disorder
Clitoral hood plasty
Vagina narrowing following birth – colpoplasty
Hymen surgery
Reconstruction following genital injury
Colpo-perineal plasty anterior – frontal colporrhaphy – bladder descensus surgery
Colpo-perineal plasty posterior – rear colporrhaphy – rectal descensus surgery
Correction of Caesarean section scar
Correction of episiotomy scar
Removal of excess anal skin after haemorrhoids
Microsurgical fallopian tube reconstruction
Reconstruction of vulva, for example after acne inversa, abscess with own tissue
Vagina reconstruction or vagina buildup with use of bowel segment
For example for Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuester-Hauser syndrome or other disease

Genital operation, male
Penis foreskin plasty in adults
Penis foreskin plasty in childhood
Correction of congenital or acquired genital deformity
Correction of hypospadias – use of buccal mucous membrane plasty
Correction of hypospadias – with mucous membrane from oral cavity
Correction of epispadias
Correction of penis curvature – plication per Nesbit
Therapy for penis curvature with Nesbit surgery and grafting
Correction of cryptorchidism – mal-positioning of testicles – undescended testicles
Treatment of anorchism – absence of testicles – insertion of testicular implants
Scrotal reduction, for example after hernia correction or hydrocele repair
Partial or total penis reconstruction with own tissue following injury or surgery
Spermatic duct transection – vasectomy
Reconstruction of transected spermatic duct – microsurgical vaso-vaso reanastomosis

Urinary bladder plasty – replacement plasty
Correction of bladder exstrophy
Bladder replacement plasty using small and large intestine
Intestinal conduits conversion surgery in bladder replacement plasty
“Mainz pouch“, “Indiana pouch“