Small, hanging or large breasts can be corrected by various scar-sparing techniques. Tightening can also take place together with enlargement in one session. Enormous improvements in self-esteem are thereby achieved.


Breast surgery
Breast enlargement in all variations
Implant approaches: armpit, breast crease, areola, navel
Implant placement: underneath or above the pectoralis major muscle

Breast enlargement with own tissue
Skin and fat from upper abdomen
Abdominal fat or autologous fat transfer-dermal filling

Treatment of capsular fibrosis and change of implant
Capsulectomy and implant removal combined with breast lifting
Follow-up treatment of complicated, repeated capsular fibrosis
Sauvage due to multiple breast surgeries with own tissue

Correction of double bubble – correction of ripple marks
Bottoming-out correction

Breast lifting also with minimal scarring (short-scar technique)
Breast lifting combined with breast enlargement
Augmentation mastopexy
Breast lifting combined with own tissue volume buildup

Breast lifting also with minimal scarring (short-scar technique)
combined with upper abdominal tightening upward (incision at breast crease)

Breast reduction with modern, scar-sparing method

Gigantomastia – oversize breast – reduction

Areola-reduction -restoration

Areola reduction
Correction of inverted areola – correction of retracted nipple
Correction of split areola – correction of piercing holes or scars

Treatment of breast deformities of all types
Correction of areola prolapse
Correction of tubular breast – correction of tuberous breast
Correction of tube breast – correction of trunk breast
Correction of symmastia – correction of breast asymmetries
Correction of areola hernia – correction of Snoopy breast
Correction of Poland syndrome

Correction of rib cage deformity
Correction of funnel chest – correction of pectus excavatum
Funnel chest correction with own tissue or implant
Breastbone deformity – chicken chest deformity – pigeon breast

Male breast correction (gynecomastia)
Fat suctioning for lipomastia
Removal of excess male gland tissue
Breast raising in men – breast lifting for men – breast reduction for men

Breast reconstruction
Partial or total breast reconstruction with implants
Breast reconstruction with own tissue
Breast restoration with autologous fat – breast restoration with abdominal omentus major fat
Breast restoration with use of abdominal wall
Breast restoration with own muscle
VRAM – TRAM – DEEP – glutaeus – latissimus – muscle-flaps