A sagging abdominal wall and possible muscle hernias result after pregnancy or large fluctuations in weight or with localized fat deposits. The navel can thereby also expand or an umbilical hernia can emerge. Abdominal wall tightening can eliminate localized fat tissue, excess skin, muscle hernia, umbilical hernia and stretch marks on the skin in one session. There are various techniques to carrying out abdominal wall plasty, depending on the complaint.


Abdomen and navel correction
Mini-abdominoplasty (tightening of lower abdomen)
Abdominoplasty (entire abdominal wall tightening)
Abdomino-flankplasty (abdomen and waist tightening)
Upper abdomen tightening upward (incision at breast crease)
Upper abdomen tightening combined with breast surgery using one incision
Abdominal tightening with fascia doubling for rectus diastasis
Abdominal tightening with removal of surgical scars
Removal of stretch marks and skin plasty
Navel correction, navel reduction, navel shaping
Correction of navel stenosis (navel-narrowing after abdominal wall tightening)

Hernia correction at various areas
Inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, abdominal hernia
Hernia follow-up correction for hernia already surgically treated
Hernia correction with mesh insertion
Hernia correction combined with abdominal wall tightening
Umbilical hernia in childhood
Inguinal hernia in childhood

Waist tightening or flankplasty
Waist tightening or flankplasty combined with external thigh lifting